Swara Bhasker opens up on her plan to settle down and shares her opinion on families

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Published by Diya Shah on 24 Dec 2021

Swara Bhasker has always been the one to stand her ground when it comes to making a difference in the world. From her last film, ‘Sheer Qorma’ to her debates on social media she always makes sure to leave a print of her opinion loud and clearly. Taking a step in the same direction, the actress has decided to nurture kids all by herself through adoption, this has been the highlight for all.

Her definite and rigid opinions are priceless but like everything comes with a price, these come with it too. In an interview by ETimes, she talks about social issues where she answers all the concerns confidently and courageously. One of it includes her recent decision about being a single mother by adopting her child and, her belief system about the process and the orthodox perspective, to which she boldly replies that how she has always wanted a child and be a mother is not an overnight job, it takes a lot of thinking and a lot of time. With the orthodox perception, she says that I don’t want to have to love someone just to fulfil my dream of starting a family. Whereas, it’s not just that reason but the adoption agency requires quite a lot of patience too. They check the background considering whether the child is going in the right hands or in the hands of some criminal who would exploit the child.

The following question relates to the people’s perception of an ideal family which includes two parents, the Etimes interviewer indirectly asking her if she will be getting married or not, sooner or later, to which she firmly replies that there always two sides of the coin and only one is out in the open for all while the other is hidden and ready for judgement. How with the ideal families the children seem to go astray too and with a single parent they give them a healthy surrounding to grow within. She gives instances from Indian mythology about how single parents nurtured the legendary personalities. And most important the Indian culture keeps the children closer to their families that act responsibly like their father and mother figures. Most importantly she mentions that “I don’t want to settle and mind someone whom I don’t love just because I want a child”

At work front, she also signs the films with this very empowering mindset that is not going beyond her own limits and not betraying her ground even though the more authority is held by the director and not the actor. She respects the decisions made by the filmmaker but if the boundary is crossed, it would reflect her character as someone who she isn’t; where films are supposed to be the honest portrayal of the actor’s skills and beliefs.

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