Taapsee Pannu jokes about her kissing scene; Harshvardhan Rane’s ‘fetish for teeth’

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Published by Arushi Agrawal on 29 Jun 2021

The actors and director of the upcoming film were talking in an interview when lead actress Taapsee Pannu and director Vinil Mathew decided to tease Taapsee’s co-star Harvardhan Rane.

They joked about Harshvardhan having a fetish for teeth which left him embarrassed. The conversation started when Vinil talked about the fact that Harshvardhan had to perform a kissing scene on the first day of the shoot itself.

Vinil said, “I feel pity for Harsh, he started work in the middle of the schedule. Due to this he had no time to meet anybody or familiarize himself with everyone. The first day he comes and he has to perform a kissing scene.” This is when Taapsee cut in and said, “Harsh was very scared, he thought maybe I’ll beat him up or something.”

Vinil humorously added, “And I think Harsh has a fetish for teeth.” Taapsee said while laughing, “I got to know about it just yesterday or I would have scheduled a visit to the dentist before the shoot.”

Harshvardhan turned tomato red as the embarrassed actor explained himself, “I’ll tell you the context. These guys asked me yesterday what are the things that I look for in a person. So I felt I’m very shallow and  I look at the teeth, the skin, and the eyes. I get to know how hygienic the person is from the teeth, how healthy they are from the skin, from the eyes I get to know how honest the person is.”

Harshvardhan later added that Taapsee made him extremely comfortable during the scene and she is very warm.

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