The unusual incident happened, Swiggy orders food online from Tamil Nadu but it was picked up from Rajasthan

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Online food delivery apps are just blazing all over the nation. From cheat days to holidays to special occasion, the craze among the netizens is growing high and high. But apart from the advantages, there are major disadvantages that are associated with these online food delivery apps.

We have faced issues including delayed orders or misplaced orders but the latest flaw in the processing includes a peculiar incident from the popular Swiggy online food delivering service.

Bhargav Rajan, a Twitter user tweeted on his handle that a person ordered food from a nearby hotel in Chennai but the location via the Swiggy app detected as it as getting ordered from an eatery in Rajasthan.

The Swiggy Cares wrote a caption which could be read as, “We’ll fly to the moon and back for our customers.”

The conversation went ahead on Twitter and Rajan again wrote, ” Wow @Swiggy_in what are you driving?”

The order was placed for Rs 138 and Rajiv posted the image on Twitter, “This seems to be the work of God of mischief Loki. In all seriousness, we have highlighted this issue and taken it very seriously and are actively working on to avoid such mishaps in the future. Thank you for bringing this to light for us Hyperion. Bon appetite”

Well, whatever is the reason, it was really amusing to look at the photo of the map that shows the order from Rajasthan to Chennai. Well, the matter will take time to get sorted.



Published by Shifa Naz on 20 Feb 2019

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