Funny Tweets And Memes Prove Monsoon Is Here And We Have Got To Enjoy

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Published by Vijay Singh on 29 Jun 2018

Monsoon in India has started not on a great note. However, the clouds sometimes get extremely noisy and naughty and keep showering us with cool drops of water. Well, the monsoon is also considered as one of the most romantic seasons of the year. While lovers enjoy rains by grabbing a cup of coffee seeing the rains fall from the balcony, some even step out together to enjoy getting wet together. On the other side, for friends, it’s time for booze or binge on a plateful of pakoras or bhajiyas with hot cup of tea.

Monsoon in India brings a cool and refreshing weather with plants and trees shining with the beautiful dew drops. You feel extremely rejuvenated seeing such a pleasant weather. But sometimes when it rains heavily, people do face issues as roads get flooded and it becomes difficult for people to travel.

Other problems faced by the people in India are electricity which frequently goes. The roads are filled with potholes and it becomes extremely difficult for people to even walk around.

The office going, school and college going students get a great excuse to skip their lectures and office or leave early since it’s raining heavily.

So, describing such situations which Indians face every year, here are some of the funniest and relatable memes and tweets which are LOL-Worthy.

  1. Sirf India wale hi samaj sakte hain ye

Light jana is proportional to barish ka hona

  1. You can now enjoy a private Jacuzzi in public places without paying anything, all thanks to BMC!

It’s raining here.

  1. Because the best place to visit during the rains is Marine Drive.

When it raining, I call my friends & just say “mast baarish ho rahi hai” it indirectly communicates “Lets go to Marine Drive”#MumbaiRains

  1. Rains are enjoyable if they fall in a limit or else it is the most irritating thing to experience.

After 2 hours of continuous rainfall, “Wow rain! So romantic!” changes to “BC ye baarish kyun nahi ruk rahi..#MumbaiRains #MumbaiMonsoon #MumbaiRainsLive

  1. Since plastic is banned, we will now use eco-friendly raincot.

After #PlasticBan people will use this #Rain coat to save their self from BMC Fine.. #PlasticBanned @NiteshNRane

  1. Mothers are always well-prepared for the monsoon season and how.

Let’s get our house renovated. Conceal all the wires, pipes etc. It should look cable and wire free fully.

Mom: bhaiya yahan do keel maar dena baarish me kapde sukhane ki rassi baandhne ke liye.

So folks, can you relate to these memes and jokes?

The monsoon is here, have a safe and happy monsoon!

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