TikTok’s Parent Company ByteDance Has Launched Another Social App. Check Out The Features

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 21 May 2019

TikTok owner ByteDance has launched another app on the App Store. The app is called Feiliao and it is primarily a social app for instant messaging. The app will allow users to have forum-like discussions around different topics. The app is currently available for both Android and iOS.

This is the second app the company has launched in a few months. Before this, the company introduced a video-focussed Duoshan app, which was similar to SnapChat. The app didn’t take off and it was a flop. Now, the new app, Feiliao or Flipchat in English, is focused to provide users to excess chat groups where topics of discussion may range from scientific to fan theories. According to a report, the app consists of two groups open and regular. Open groups are nothing but public groups that can be accessed by all the users of the app, whereas normal groups allow 100 people and it is closed.

While the app is available for both Android and iOS, the Android users will have to download the APK from the company’s official website. The description of Feiliao on the App Store reads, “Flying chat, an interest in social apps. Here are your familiar chat, audio, and video calls. In addition, you can discover your friends in the interest group and share your fun; share your daily life and interact with close friends.”

The other features of the app includes sharing pictures, making video and audio calls, and also sharing text-based posts. There is also the presence of voice recognition for chatting purposes and it also supports GIFs. The camera also gets some features including a beauty filter, rich stickers, and soundtracks.


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