Top Twitter Posts of Twinkle Khanna That are Too Funny to Handle

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Published by Neetu Panwar on 30 Aug 2019

Twinkle Khanna, the popular actor cum author truly makes our day with her humorous posts and tweets. She has the power in transforming a critical situation into a funny mode with her hilarious sense of humor. The name was given to her as ‘Mrs. FunnyBones’ is very much apt. Undoubtedly, Twinkle is the most beloved celebrities in Bollywood film industry.

Twinkle acted in several films such as Barsaat, Jaan, Joru Ka Gulam, Mela, Baadshah and more in Bollywood. As the actress couldn’t make a mark in the industry for her acting skills in Bollywood, she simply quit the films. Now, she has gained massive popularity as an acclaimed author across the nation. She wrote several books such as Pyjamas are Forgiving, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, and Mrs. Funnybones. It’s not all about Twinkle Khanna. 

There is much more that we need to know about Twinkle Khanna. She is truly a fearless woman and never hesitates in expressing her views and perceptions in the form of tweets. She has the power to point out the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi towards his duties and activities. Most often, Twinkle shares her thoughts with her fans and followers through her official social media accounts. Take a quick look at some of the topmost tweets of Twinkle that are too funny to handle.

Describing Potholes with Craters on Moon

‘Navigating through a maze of craters on the lunar surface #SundaySojourns’

Review on her Fine Navel

Twinkle planned to revive a throwback interview. In the interview, they reviewed only her navel in the film. The actress cum author shared the same and wrote, ‘Did I say I never got good reviews?I did and so did my emotive body part!Have to say that 20 years on and the Baadshah couple still have it-SRK has his dimples and I still have that fine navel:)Thanks for sending this and brightening up my day @ManishMalhotra #navelgrazing.’

Story of Every Indian Woman

She added a sketched picture of herself and described it as ‘Every Indian woman’s story; we ask for a cape and get handed an apron:).’

Quitting Gym for Pancakes

‘Woke up, weighed me, cursed Earth’s ruthless gravitational force, contemplated living on the moon or going to the gym, ate pancakes instead.’

Funny PDA with Hubby

Twinkle Khanna grabbed the attention of the public with her new look alongside her husband.

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