Every Contribution Counts: CM Distress Relief Fund Crossed Rs 1,028 crore With More Than 4.17 Lakh People’s Help

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Published by Soniya Kaur on 01 Sep 2018

Kerala is recovering from the worst natural disaster which destroyed the whole lives of people who are living in Kerala. This huge kind of extermination has been faced by Kerala after 20 decades. Known for its scenic and beautiful nature is now in its worst condition for now as the heavy rains gave a tough time to human kind and people from all over the world are supporting Kerala and stands with them when such natural calamity destroyed their houses and everything.

From an ordinary person to big celebrities, businessmen, and politicians, everyone is donating. People are helping as much as they can and also the donating method gets easier with the online payments and that is also a reason of many people donating some amount of money. People are spreading this movement of donating for Kerala on social media to get the help.

This is the only time where every little contribution counts and now the chief minister’s distress relief fund (CMDRF) crossed Rs 1,028 crore with the help of more than 4.17 lakh people who made their contribution in which Electronic Payments calculates to Rs 146.52 crore, while Rs 46.04 were sent through UPI and other payment gateways and Rs 835 crore were sent through cash, cheque or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS).

This tough time of recent floods cost Kerala to suffer the damages of nearly about Rs 20,000 crores. Kerala needs the most of money to rebuild the state which has been damaged by the water all around. The Kerala government has also decided to sent state ministers to various countries in an effort to collect more funds from the economic migrants community.

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This is apart from the massive fund collection drive led by ministers in each district on September 3, 4 and 5. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said a global consultancy company, KPMG has been appointed as a consultant for rebuilding plan.

You can also donate to CM relief fund, Paytm or to the Khalsa Aid Organization who send their volunteers to Kochi for serving them with food and basic amenities.

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