Treat Common Cold & Fever At Home During Lockdown

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As the lockdown period has been extended till May 31, certain restrictions are still in place, and people are suggested to stay at their homes and avoid social gatherings and meetings. The administration had earlier asked citizens to go for teleconsultation for regular medical troubles, in place of visiting clinics, as the pressure on the healthcare system is already at its peak due to the ongoing problem. Therefore, it is vital to be acquainted with certain basics of self-diagnosis, OTC medications and home remedies for common cold and fever.

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It is not always possible to avoid getting sick. However, a person can take some steps to reduce the chances of catching a cold. Here are some tips which can help you reduce the chances of catching a cold 1. Eat right foods – It's important to be healthy at all times, so that if you do get a cold your body's immune system is strong and can fight the infection. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. 2. Take a steamy shower – Steamy showers moisturize your nasal pathways and will make you feel relaxed. 3. Stay hydrated – water, juice, fruits, clear soups, lemon water, honey warm water will help your lung airways clear and will not let your body get dehydrated. 4. Soothe your throat – A salt water gargle will relieve the sore throat temporarily. Practice this daily on waking up, eventually it wll help cure the sore throat. 5. Rest – You need to have lots and lots of rest as your body might feel very weak. If you do not take proper rest your immune system might get weak. #NutrivityIndia #Nutritionist #tips #commoncold #cold

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Causes of common cold and fever

The common cold is the result of a virus that makes entry in the body through nose or mouth. The virus can lead to respiratory troubles, resulting into cold – which is the body’s technique of discarding the virus. Fever with cold can just be an indication of the common cold.

Treating Common Cold At Home

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The common cold can easily be treated using medications and home remedies too. One must talk to a medical expert if the symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath or high fever stays continue. But common cold and fever can be treated easily at home. In order to treat the common cold on your own, you can make use of counter medicines that will help you stay fit and fine. Some other things to be taken into consideration are –

Stay hydrated – add warm fluids in your diet as it helps the mucus to do its job without blocking your nose and throat
Eat a nourishing diet – consume a diet rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, calcium, etc. It is helpful in keeping the virus away
Practice proper cleanliness – Since the virus is transmissible, it is suggested that you keep yourself away from other people in the house.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 22 May 2020

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