A Tribute to Stan Lee in ‘Venom 2’ trailer in a jiffy scene

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Published by Tapasya Iyer on 11 May 2021

For all the Marvel fans out there, Venom 2 Trailer is finally out. The title of the sequel is ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage, is directed by Andy Serkis. It is the debut movie of Woody Harrelson who played Cletus Cassidy aka Carnage. In the trailer available online, the film pays a tribute to the legend Stan Lee, the creator of many Marvel characters in a blink eye moment.

Here is a clip of the trailer where you can look at the tribute:


To help you out, the scene appears right around 45 second mark when Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock or commonly known as Venom is seen waving a salute to magazine cover with the picture of Stan Lee in the bookstore. It is the same store which was heavily seen in the first movie as well.

In the movie, there are talks that the director is going to introduce us to a new Venom universe with supervillains of the Spiderman universe. Venom 2 casts includes the likes of Amber Sienna, Michelle Williams, Naomi Harris, and Reid Scott, and others.

The movie is all geared up to release this September. The fans are all set with seatbelts on for a thrilling experience.

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