Tricks and tips to have a quick weight loss

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Weight loss can be a vast chapter but there are some pointers and cheats which can easily crack you a good result. It is believed that what you are eating and when you are eating decides your growth in the weight loss journey, but there’s another important point, how you are eating your food?

Have you noticed that restaurants serve you food in a large plate? Because, when you see a little portion of food in a large plate, you see a lot of empty spaces which makes your mind think you are not eating enough. As a result, your mind makes you overeat and your weight loss journey gets interrupted.

But if the same portion of food is served in a small plate, which has only food and no empty space, having food from the plate will make you feel full in a quick time, because our human psychology works this way.

So when eating, always choose a smaller plate. Even when you are munching some chips, nuts or anything, put them in a bowl or plate before eating. It will make you eat less.

Also, have a glass of water 30 mins before eating a meal. Firstly, it flushes out the toxins, so the nutrients gets absorbed. Secondly, it makes your stomach full, so a little portion can make you feel you’ve eaten much.

Also, you can have curd before a meal or after a meal. Curd is a great probiotic for your gut system, also it makes you feel full.

If in doubt about the portion size, use your palms as the portion size. They are designed according to the body. Happy dieting!

Published by Nilesh Bhattacharya on 29 Jun 2020

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