Truck Driver from Rajkot lies in pothole, unique strike against bad roads

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 13 Sep 2019

Lakshman Bathwar said as an aware resident, he believed he should take care of the poor state of the city’s streets.

A truck driver in Rajkot did a unique strike against the city’s poor streets on Wednesday, by covering himself in a major pothole at Greenland Chowkadi.

Lakshman Bathwar’s challenge went ahead the day Chief Minister Vijay Rupani visited the town and emphasized that the legislature had allocated Rs 25 crore to Rajkot Municipal Corporation for fixing rain harmed streets.

Bathwar and his companions arrived at the pothole on the administration street of National Highway 27 at the bustling Greenland Chowkadi with a tractor-trolly brimming with rock and soil on Wednesday morning.

Bathwar then set down in the pothole, which had transformed into a puddle of water because of the gathering of water. Gangabhai Mer, one his companions, likewise joined Bathwar in the pothole to stretch out help to the protest. As the two men lay in the potholes, others secured them with the rock soil blend up to their middle. Later on, Bhathwar emptied the trolley into the pothole and topped it off.

“As I am a truck driver, I need to pass this street each morning and night. The street has been not so great for the most recent month. Experts should think about the poor state of the streets, however, it is possible that they were unconscious of this, or were choosing to disregard. The earlier day, I was an observer to a lady tumbling off a cruiser she was riding after it hit against a pothole. I thought as a mindful native, I should accomplish something. Along these lines, I thought of this thought and my companions upheld it,” Bathwar disclosed to The Indian Express.

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