Twinkle Khanna is having some hard time for daughter since the lockdown

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Published by Nilesh Bhattacharya on 21 Mar 2020

Twinkle Khanna is having a really hard time since the entire Mumbai industry is undergoing a lock down period. It is a situation of crisis and everyone is doing their bits to prevent amy kind of breach of safety. So self quarantine is the only way.

However, Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar’s daughter is giving mommy a really tough time. She accidentally threw her slippers up in the light case and it seems her mom could not keep her cool, and gave her a stick to get it out of there. In a video which Twinkle shared, we can see Nitra, who is 7, is trying hard to hop and get the shoe out of the lighting duct.

She is failing miserably, however Mrs. Funny Bones has her own way to comprehend as she says “I don’t know how other mothers are coping but I have given up! My little one has ‘accidentally’ managed to toss her slipper into the lighting duct. Clearly you don’t need to worry about a wolf wanting to huff and puff and blow your house down when you have a little piglet of your own doing her bit”. At outside we can see their pet German Shephard is woofing at her from the garden.

Twinkle Khanna has many roles to play, a interior designer, a producer, but currently a mom.

She had shared a picture earlier where she asked Akshay to take care of Nitara, and like loving husband and father Akshay did so, but Twinkle Khanna still couldn’t focus on her book and she said
“Thought I would work on my book while he keeps her busy but the people that live inside my head don’t talk to me when the people I live with are chattering away as well”

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