Twinkle Khanna Shares her ‘Tuesday Thoughts’ on Dieting Give Us Major Dietary Goals

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Twinkle Khanna, most popularly known as Mrs. FunnyBones often makes funny tweets and posts on her official Twitter handle. She often makes satirical posts and tweets on different concepts and even on the political people. With her powerful and brilliant sense of humor, Twinkle has amazing writing skills. We often find inspirational, humorous and witty posts on her social media accounts that are captioned with catchy titles. Almost all her social media posts have some sort of uniqueness and people often love sharing her posts.

Twinkle has once again captured the attention of people with her new post regarding fitness, health, and diet. She wrote on her Instagram handle that reads ‘If going around in circles burnt calories I would already be a size zero instead of starting yet another diet and calling it day 1 #FullStopAZeroWhoStuckToHerDiet.’ The major caption that attracted each and every individual is the credit line that says ‘#BabaTwinkdev’.

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She often makes her posts funny and hilarious by adding some humor to it. Twinkle shares life lessons with her fans and followers in a unique and exceptional manner. Akshay Kumar, the husband of Twinkle Khanna often shares the pictures of their kids that show how the doting parents influence their kids in some sort of activity to assist them to understand and learn more about their surroundings.

It is very much clear that Twinkle Khanna’s Tuesday thoughts are pondering oppressive on her. Soon after posting it on Instagram, Twinkle’s post received more than 7000 likes. People also started commenting on her hilarious post. Some others have started relating that particular post with them. People have commented on the post as ‘You are hilarious. In love with your sense of humor’, ‘Baba Twinkdev is funny’, ‘Please be my new best friend lol you’re amazing!’ and more.

In recent times, she made headlines for mimicking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meditation pose during his visit to Kedarnath trip prior to the official declaration of Lok Sabha Election Results 2019. Drop your thoughts on the witty post by Twinkle Khanna in the below the comments section.

Published by Neetu Panwar on 12 Jun 2019

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