Unborn baby says bye to 2020 by a savage gesture in an ultrasound

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Ultrasound scans are really important for parents as with their help, they get to know the activities of an unborn baby as well as how the baby is doing. It’s a special moment for a family but sometimes unborn babies often create fascinating and bizarre impressions as well.

While the visuals are an instant basis of happiness for an expecting mommy and her spouse, some sonogram pictures have gone viral on social media in history for additional details that are hard to speculate. The latest one to go viral can be inferred in several means.

An image of an ultrasound scan, which has presently gone viral, sports an unborn child showing a hilarious gesture.
The expecting mother, 23-year-old Chelsea Furnival, said she and her spouse Adrian Witt couldn’t stop laughing the moment they saw the 4D picture of their baby girl on January 2.

The photo of the scene shows the unborn child with her eyes shut. Remembering the occurrence, Chelsea said she just couldn’t stop laughing after watching the scan. The expecting mother said it was her baby’s way of saying ‘goodbye to 2020’.

“We all looked and she just had her middle finger up, we couldn’t stop howling, we were literally crying. The more you look at it the funnier it gets. We were still laughing all the way to the car because I just thought ‘how can a baby inside a womb already know how to swear?’ I was in hysterics. It was like ‘goodbye to 2020’,” said Chelsea.

It looks like even the unborn was waiting for the coming year and not looking behind in the year 2020. This must have been a coincidence but looking at the situation, it was pretty hilarious to connect the incident. The innocent action of the baby became quite viral and cheered everyone up.

Published by Riya Sharma on 06 Jan 2021

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