The Underwear Man: A video of a man strolling in his underwear at a mall goes viral; says “I have no shame”

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Published by Ananya on 29 May 2021

A hilarious video has surfaced on YouTube to help lift people’s spirits in the midst of the pandemic’s tension and concern. A video of a man walking in his underwear at a mall recently went viral on YouTube. Suyash Mishra, a 21-year-old YouTuber from Agra, is now being called as The Underwear Man.

In an interview with Laughing Colours, the YouTuber revealed his peculiar love with underwear and that he has no shame in walking around in public in his underwear. He said, “I have a collection of more than 200 underwears of different brands and I have no qualms in strolling in underwear in public.”

He explained how he came up with the notion of doing this for his content, “The idea of going around in underwear was completely impromptu, and I didn’t give it any second thoughts; I did it because I felt that the public would be surprised to see such content because no one else has done something like this before.”

Take a peek at his video:

The man can be seen in the video stepping out of a cab wearing a denim jacket, white sneakers, and an underwear. He is casually strolling in the underwear, garnering a lot of attention from others in the mall. He goes through all of the stores in the mall and, at the end of the video, he can be seen wearing jeans he purchased and stating, “Vo kapde the nahi na toh maine leliye apna,” (I didn’t have clothes, so I bought them).

So far, the video has received over a million views and 58k likes. He has uploaded several similar videos on his channel, and talking about one of them, he took a bath in public in a reddish colour bathtub placed on a crossroad, where he brushed his teeth, and ate watermelons while numerous vehicles stopped and a crowd gathered around him.

“I want to be the Calvin Klein brand ambassador replacing Disha Patani,” he jokingly said in the interview. The young YouTuber also shared that he has always admired comedy legend Kapil Sharma and that all he wants to do is entertain people.


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