Unmask the Covid Fatigue: 5 Tips to maintain Mental Health during Lockdown

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Published by Tapasya Iyer on 08 May 2021

UNCERTAINTY is what describes the entire past year the best. It was 24th March 2020 when the nationwide lockdown began. The fear of losing the loved ones raised in every single person’s mind. We all hoped the expiry date of the virus would be in the end of 2020. Alas! It continues to spread the wrath. Today, the Covid-19 fear has turned to fatigue.

The coronavirus damaged the physical health of many. But, along with physical health, the widespread negativity has taken a toll on people’s mental health as well.  

Everyday the headlines scream about the rising cases, oxygen shortages, filled crematoriums, hopeless faces of families and blame games by politicians. Clubbed with these, the personal issues of unemployment delaying boar examinations and work pressure have heightened the stress meter for all. 

Do you also wake up with a despair to face the day? If yes, there is an alarming need to maintain your mental health. The care at the early stage of deterioration can prevent future mishaps.

Why is good Mental health important?

Though mental trauma cannot be found easily, the pain which cannot be seen by others hampers your ability to act well in life. It affects every aspect of your life. Though many experience periods of depression, anxiety or fear in the beginning, it may surge  to the point that day to day activities become challenging.

Here are 5 tips to follow to maintain a peaceful mental health:

  1. Talk! – Social distancing doesn’t mean distancing from the society. It’s very important to stay in touch with loved ones. Communicate with your family about your pressures, gossip,  work, likings, and absolutely anything. If you are staying away from your home, video call to keep them updated. 
  2. Maintain a Routine– For all the lazy bones the lockdown brought with it an opportunity to do nothing and laze around. No more waking up at 5:30 am to catch a train. But, over the months, the improper schedule has disrupted lives. So, make a temporary routine plan. Plan your day and make a to-do list everyday. Sleep at a proper time, eat nutritious food which is very important to maintain immunity too, exercise for at least half an hour and set realistic work/ study targets everyday. It is better to keep yourself engaged to focus less on uncertainties. Amongst all these, keep one hour everyday for yourself- Your Happy Hour. In this hour, practice your hobby, listen to songs, dance, and take self-care. 
  3. News not Nuisance- It is crucial to stay updated about the current happening but do not get overwhelmed by news. Keep some distance from negative news. The news channels, newspapers are filled with negativity because it sells the most. Avoid overusing social media and digital gadgets. The false news circulating on WhatsApp adds to the panic of the people. It is imperative to distinguish news from nuisance.
  4. Focus on positive matters – In such critical times, where words like quarantine, lockdown, pandemic, continue to echo horror, it is difficult but necessary to focus on positive aspects of life as well. Try to make a list of everyday positive things each night. Your focus will slowly shift to positivity throughout the day. It can help tackle issues better.
  5. Practice meditation – Meditation helps to heal your body and mind. It relinquishes the burden of negative emotions to a great extent and helps your focus on the present than worry about the future. All you need to do is sit in a quiet location, a comfortable position with an open mind and breath. 

In Spite of these tips, if you feel depressed, anxious or even if you just want to pour out your thoughts to someone, contacting a professional Counselor will help a lot. There are many organizations that are just a click away to talk to you.

It is a time to omit the taboo around mental health. Self care and Self love is vital in these stressful times. We all are in this together and we will sail through together, not alone and aloof. 

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