Urvashi Dholakia On All Criticisms As A Single Mom: I Had No Choice But To Ignore All Of Them

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Urvashi Dholakia got famous after playing the character named ‘Komolika’ in Ekta Kapoor’s serial Kasautii Zindagi Kay. In her real life, she got married when she was just 16 and became a mother within a year. But shortly, her hubby left her and she decided to raise her boys on her own.

During a media talk, Urvashi talked about the condemnations and stated, ”Of course, there are a lot of people who came and went in the interim and said a lot of things to me, a lot. Some said behind my back, some of them said brutally on my face, very personal [email protected]@s on me but then if I start all this affecting me, I wouldn’t be where I am. I had no choice but to ignore all of them.”

She also shared how people got rude during that time and stated that the taboo was there but it did not have any effect on her. She also disclosed that not only the social stress but her family members were doubtful about her single mom status. She added that at the present time, it is not a big thing but the situation was totally different 25 years ago.

Urvashi is just like a good friend to her sons and shares a cute connection with them. On April 7, 2020, Urvashi posted a hilarious TikTok video that boasted of her sons as well as her mother dancing. She gave it the caption as, “Baithe Baithe kya karein…Karna hai kuch toh kaam … and that’s how we roll. #dholakia’s #famjam #lockdown #going #crazy #tiktok # OH & don’t forget our cook #Ganesh #haha #lol #laugh.”

In a 2016 interview, she disclosed, “Being a single mother was difficult. People tell me how I don’t look like a mother and how I haven’t aged. It’s amusing. Why will I age? I am 37. Many harp over the fact that I had my sons when I was 17. But what is the big deal? I take these comments in a positive way. I am proud of my journey, which has been a long one.”

Published by Ricky Tandon on 21 May 2020

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