USA to Australia and France: List of countries that let you drive with an Indian license

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Having an Indian driving license brings in numerous advantages as you are allowed to drive in other countries also. Yes, you read it right. There are many countries that let you drive a vehicle once you have complete papers with you. In this article, we will have a look at some popular countries where you can drive with your Indian license:

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Route 66 is among the popular routes in the USA where you can easily drive a car with your license. All you need to have is your papers in English. Along with this, you need to have an I-94 form attested to your arrival documents while you make an entry to the US.


As Australia also has a right-hand driving system, you can easily drive a car here with your license. In areas like New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, you can enjoy driving for one month and if you are planning to visit areas in the northern territory, you can drive a car for three months.

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France is a very good country when it comes to driving with an Indian license. If you are moving to France, you are allowed to drive for a year. But there is one condition with it, you need to convert all the documents into French for approval. Once this process is done, you are allowed to drive.

New Zealand:

In New Zealand too, you are allowed to drive a car for one full year with an Indian license. But first, you need to get your documents processed through New Zealand Transport Authority-accredited translation.


Who doesn’t want to drive a car in the beautiful scenic locations of Switzerland, isn’t it? Well, you can fulfill this wish if you have your license with you. Swiss government allows you to drive for one year.

Published by Ishan Soni on 30 Jun 2020

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