US: Car explodes as the driver uses hand sanitizer while smoking

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Published by Ananya on 17 May 2021

The incident took place in Maryland, US when a driver allegedly used hand sanitizer while smoking in the front seat of his car. The car was completely charred from the inside and outside after the fire, which can be seen in the video. Fortunately, the driver was able to flee in time, suffering only minor burns and injuries that were not considered life-threatening. Since 2002, fire departments in several states in the United States have issued warnings about leaving hand sanitizers in vehicles during hot weather.

The fire completely destroyed the car, which was captured in dramatic footage from above by a news helicopter. The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service shared a video of the incident on Twitter.

Sharing the video of car engulfed in flames, Pete Piringer, a spokesperson for The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, wrote on Twitter, “Vehicle fire; cause, a driver using hand sanitizer & smoking a cigarette, which is a bad combo in an unventilated area like a car; total loss.” In another post, the spokesperson wrote that the onlookers called 911 while the driver escaped the vehicle.

The personal hygiene product, which is widely used in this pandemic, is highly flammable due to its high alcohol content, which is approximately 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol.

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