Varun Dhawan’s Uncle Anil On Actor’s Marriage: It’s High Time Varun Got Married, We All Want It

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Bollywood superstar Varun Dhawan found himself in a quandary on Feb 12 as social platform interpreted a birthday bash at his long-time lady love Natasha Dalal’s dwelling as preparations for their marriage ceremonial.

Varun Dhawan had to explain in order to clear all doubts but at this time, the actor’s uncle Anil Dhawan stated during a media talk that the family wants Varun to get hitched that too this year.

While talking to media people, Anil stated, “Hona toh chahiye. It’s high time Varun got married. We all want it (to happen).”

During the same day, both families (Varun and Natasha) got together at her parents’ place.

Ace movie maker and Varun’s father David Dhawan, his companion, uncle Anil and other family members got clicked outside Varun’s ladylove’s home. Along with the family members, others, who were present there comprised Karan Johar, fashion designer Manish Malhotra and his nephew Punit Malhotra.

In spite of Varun’s explanation on Twitter, rumor denied subsiding.

One of the main causes would be noticing the pink goodie bags the invitees left with. On it was written: “Thank you for being here today! Looking forward to celebrate with you.”

His uncle stated, “We hadn’t met each other in a long time and we don’t know each other well. So, they invited us over for dinner. It was a birthday party, but they wanted the families to meet as well, as everyone is busy with their respective lives.”

The media people asked Anil, if Varun and Natasha were planning a May or June wedding, he replied, “No date or month has been fixed yet. It will be announced whenever it happens.”

Published by Ricky Tandon on 15 Feb 2020

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