Video: Kareena Kapoor and Taimur’s Nanny Take Him To His Playmate Pre-school

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Published by Admin on 30 May 2018

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s son Taimur is showing his new side every day and people cant stop gushing over this little munchkin.

All kids have been through the phase where they did not feel like attending school. Taimur is almost getting there…at least that’s what this video suggests! A photographer happened to capture this unseen side of the 17-month old refusing to step inside his school. This time even Kareena Kapoor Khan had joined the nanny to drop Taimur to school, yet the little one was so adamant that the minute he was put down to walk, he refused to move forward.

In the video, you will realise how Taimur’s nanny had to literally push him from the back followed by Kareena holding his other hand and only then did the cutie step in.

Watch the video:

Here is the picture of Kareena holding him and dropping him to the school:

Last time, Kareena, when asked about the paparazzi around Taimur, she had said, “We just want him to lead as normal a life as possible. That’s the most important thing for him. I’d like the paparazzi to not shoot pictures of him every moment. I don’t want his life to be documented. He is only 17 months old, once or twice is enough, but not the constant badgering.”

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