Videos: Rakhi Sawant Loses Her Cool Over BB-13 After Shefali Calls Shehnaz Punjab Ki Rakhi Sawant

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Bigg Boss 13 is trending on various social media platforms and At present, Punjabi girl Shahnaz Gill has become bad for every person in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’.

Shehnaaz is turning one leaf after the other.

Recently, a video recording of Ms. Gill is doing rounds all over the social platforms in which Kaanta Laga beauty Shefali Jariwala called Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shehnaz Gill as Punjabi Rakhi Sawant or Rakhi of Punjab.

After hearing this from Shefali, Gill turned very irritated and shouted at Shefali Jariwala.

From the time when Himanshi Khurana made an entry in Bigg Boss 13 house, Shahnaz has turned irritated. Since then, Shehnaz Gill is behaving weirdly. She is witnessed behaving badly and not talking properly to her friends at Bigg Boss 13 home.

Post this incident in the Bigg Boss 13 house, the real drama queen Rakhi Sawant got irritated and showcased her furiousness through videos.

Yes, an irritated Rakhi has shared three videos on her personal Insta handle. In one of the videos, she has been stating that she has files complaint against Himanshi, Shefali and Shehnaz.

She said that she is very close to the Presidents and PMs of London, USA, China, Bhutan, and many other countries. Why the Bigg Boss contestants are faking her name and making fun of her.

She even called Bigg Boss and Salman Khan for help that how could Shefali took her name. She said Salman always praised her and called her best entertainer. She asked Sallu to help her as she is not happy with the incident.

She added that she is not free for all these types of gimmicks.

In another video, she asked Salman to help her as Karan Johar, in his popular talk show Koffee With Karan, keeps on questioning her guests that what will they do is they wake up as Rakhi Sawant.

She said that she is also a human being and not a fun material.

She said Bigg Boss is her favorite show so give her respect always and don’t make fun of her.

After a while, she shared one more video and said, “Friends, I guess you must watch Bigg Boss13 where your own Rakhi Sawant has been insulting. Now I have been married still, people not leaving me alone.”

Published by Vijay Singh on 08 Nov 2019

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