Vidya Balan talks about the sexism she faced ahead of the release of her film, Sherni

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Published by Arushi Agrawal on 18 Jun 2021

Vidya Balan is not one to shy away from telling the truth. She is pretty firm about her opinions. She has talked about sexism in the film industry earlier too.

Ahead of the release of her film, Sherni in which she faces sexism both in her personal life and her professional life as a forest officer, she talks about what she had to go through in the earlier days of her career.

Talking about the issue, she said, “I think we face sexism all the time. Sometimes we don’t even realise it because it is so intricate and embedded in our mindsets. Women face sexism through women too and not just men. It is difficult to get rid of this mindset. I face it even today, sometimes.. All around me, I see people facing sexism. Not everyone is even aware that they are saying something wrong, most of the time.”

Vidya even talked about being asked to adjust her dates according the male actor’s preferred dates in the early days of her career. She said, “In the starting years of my career, I would be asked to give dates according to the male actor and work my dates around his availability. It didn’t matter if I were playing a more prominent role, I had to adjust.”

Vidya talked about how the shoot for Sherni was extremely smooth. She said, “We shot in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh and it was soo much fun. There was chillam-chilli (screaming and shouting) on the set. Of course in the jungles, we had to maintain a certain decorum while shooting. Also, there was not even a single positive case. We were all in a bio-bubble so it was pretty safe.”

She revealed that what drew her to Sherni was the unusual storyline. “There have been films about jungles before but not like this one. Its extremely different. The character of Vidya Vincent is just so strong.

Sherni starring Vidya Balan will release on June 18th on Amazon Prime Video.

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