This Viral Picture Confusing People To Guess It’s A Black-and-white Or Colour Picture 

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 02 Aug 2019

Social media is a platform where everyday something weird appears and amazes people. Recently, a black-and-white photo went viral on internet and it is confusing people to know whether it is color or black-and-white picture.

In the picture, a group of young girls posing with a small tortoise are seen. The entire photo is black and white, but it has coloured lines within the image. It is tricking the human brain into seeing a colour image, and people realise it only when you look closely.

The picture has been shared by Lionel Page, an economist at UTC Economics on Twitter and made everyone talking about its optical illusion. Lionel Page wrote: “What you ‘see’ is what your brain predicts the reality to be, given the imperfect information it gets.”

If the image confused you too, it’s actually an image digitally modified for a visual experiment. As per a digital media artist, ØyvindKolås who developed it, described the technique as a ‘colour assimilation grid illusion’. According to him, the image achieves the effect by simply laying a grid of selectively coloured lines over the originally black-and-white picture.

“An over-saturated coloured grid overlaid on a grayscale image causes the grayscale cells to be perceived as having colour,” Kolås explained.

Others explained the science behind it. One user wrote: I zoomed in to this picture and it is not true. It’s just like, pixelated grayscale with a bit of blurry colour added in there to fool you.

Another wrote: This only half works for me. The blue and green shirts come through but girl in front has a white shirt with yellow stripes, not a yellow shirt. And all the faces are grey with colored lines over them.

As per a user: This is not correct. There is significant chroma noise in the part of the image that is intended to be black and white. This is a result of image compression.

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