Vital Things You Need To Be Very Cautious While Searching On Google

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Whenever we want any info, we only depend on Google search. Be it addresses, internet sites, job related or admission forms, film or any other thing, Google Search is always there for us to assist in the best possible manner.

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But, depending on Google search may trouble you sometimes because the data that you discover on the most popular search giant don’t be owned by it and is mostly unchecked. And scammers have discovered a technique to make full use of this by optimizing search outcomes for counterfeit internet sites, contact details or addresses. Here are some vital things that you need to be very cautious about while making a search on Google.

Be cautious while seeking customer care contact numbers – This is one of the most popular web scandals. Fraudsters post false business items and customer care numbers on internet sites to make innocent people trust that these are unique customer care numbers to scam them.

Always verify the URL when you look for web banking websites on Google – It is wise not to do a Google hunt to search your bank’s web banking website unless you are well acquainted with the exact authorized URL.

Don’t look for apps and software on Google – Avoid probing for application programs, software or other files on Google. Always hunt for application programs on authorized app stores such as Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhones.

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Always refer your physician first before probing medicines, medical symptoms on Google – If you are not well, pay a visit to your doctor. Google is clearly not a place to look for medications or health guidance. It is greatly advisable not to avoid the doctor and depend on Google search data to know about an illness while you are sick.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 27 Feb 2021

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