VN Parthiban, a multi-talented professor from Chennai with more than ‘145 academic degrees’

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Published by Ishan Soni on 08 Sep 2020

When it comes to completing an academic degree, an average person completes one or a maximum of 2-3 degrees before joining any job. But, when the passion takes over the ‘academics’ and the importance of knowledge is more than what top degree you have, nothing can come in between achieving true success.

Meet VN Parthiban from Chennai who has completed more than 140 degrees and is still after gaining more knowledge and adding more degrees to his academic record.

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Talking about what kind of degrees he has, Mr. Parthiban has 9 MBA degrees, 8 M.Com degrees, 8 ML degrees, 3 M.Sc degrees, 12 M.Phil degrees and so on. Once in an interview, he said, ”I really enjoy studying. It’s not difficult at all. The process of preparing for exams and applying for new degrees or diploma courses is what I enjoy.”

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After having so many degrees, he is behind no one in sharing his knowledge with others. Mr. Parthiban teaches more than 100 subjects in different colleges and universities. Despite knowing so many subjects and complex topics, he dedicates his Sundays spending more time with books.

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Professor Parthiban believes that learning is a continuous process and one should not stop gaining new information whenever possible. He is truly an inspiration for all of us, especially students who are currently pursuing their degrees in colleges.

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