Weird Smartphones Designed By The Companies Which Are Not At All Cool To Use

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Published by Vijay Singh on 27 Jul 2018

Since the time there has been a large-scale production of cell phones, majorly all the companies are attempting to convey some different, unique kind and imaginative smartphones to the customers. However, while providing customers with a maximum satisfaction. The companies seem to have lost their way and came up with some unusual phones which are just too weird to be cool to carry.  

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Here is the list of some weird looking phones ever made.

  • Motorola V70 (2002)

This handset was launched more than a decade ago and had facilities like GPRS support and 360° rotatable keypad for $400. The customers thought that the phone had quite different and innovative design. However, no sooner, the phone failed to catch attention and made it to the list of the weirdest phones ever.

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  • Nokia 7280 (2004)

Nokia came up with this “Fashion Phone” line, which was styled in black, white and red. It had a screen which faded to a mirror when it was inactive. The Fashion phone managed to get popular among the buyers but in today’s times, it is considered as one of the weirdest phones ever made.

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  • Blackberry Passport (2014)

This smartphone was an attempt to serve something new to the buyers especially the Blackberry loyal buyers. This piece was designed for people who loved the old Blackberry piece but with new specifications. The company was successful in making this handset popular among the buyers. Today, it is considered the weirdest looking smartphone.

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  • Samsung Juke (2007)

The phone was specially made for all the music lovers. This handset supports a huge range of music formats and 2GB storage. The interesting part of this piece is that it is unique and weird at the same time.

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  • Haier P7 Pen Phone (2004)

Have you ever seen a phone which also works as a pen? If not then take a look at this Haier pen phone. This pen is a little bit different than others because, it can be used to make calls, send texts and do anything that a standard smartphone does. P7 Pen Phone may not the most successful phone ever made, but surely is one of the most peculiar ones.

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So folks, what do you think about these weird phones? Tell us in comments.

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