Well Known Hindi Shows You Might Memorize Himesh Reshammiya’s Lady Love Sonia Kapoor From

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Published by Vijay Singh on 13 May 2018

Himesh Reshammiya is ready to get married for the second time. This time, he is ready to get hitched with his longtime lady love Sonia Kapoor after a separation from his spouse of 22 years Komal.

Sonia Kapoor, who is all over the web at the moment, has been a well known face of Indian small screen for a long time now. She began her profession with Kittie Party and become a noteworthy part of a lot of popular shows on the small screen.

Here are a few of the well known small screen shows you might remember Sonia Kapoor from.


The popular show boasted of Simone Singh as the main lead and sketched her trip through her wedding with Sameer who loves Rubina. Sonia Kapoor donned the character of Sameer’s sister named Nameera, who scorns Heena and takes Rubina side to make Heena’s life tricky.

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Remix has been one of the most loving and best shows on the small screen. The show was based on a bunch of children from Maurya High School who finds out love and life in high school, and the students were bound together by a musical band. Sonia donned the character of Sonia Raym an influential starlet from earlier times, and the mom of one of the main characters Anvesha Ray Banerjee donned by Priya Wai.

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Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai

One of the much loved tales of small screen, Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai circled around a spoilt rock star Angad and a small town brilliant singer Kripa. Sonia donned the role of Angad’s mom who is completely in opposition to Angad and Kripa’s union.


In this most popular drama series, Sonia Kapoor donned the matured edition of the title role Zaara who is incorrectly framed by her elder sister Zeenat for the slaughter of their companion Aamir.

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Piya Ka Ghar

Piya Ka Ghar was the show, which turned Narayani Shastri a popular actress. The show was circled around the problems that Rimjhim confronted in her in-law’s house. Sonia donned the role of Shweta, the second companion of Rimjhim’s hubby Avinash.

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