When Sanjay Dutt avoided his ailing wife Richa because he was in love with Madhuri

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Published by Vijay Singh on 23 Jun 2018

Sanjay Dutt’s life has always been under scrutiny due to a lot of reasons. His personal and professional life has been the talk of the town. Sanjay has been involved with a lot of women in his life and this kind of created a playboy image of him in front of his fans.

Out of all the controversies, Sanjay’s love affair with Madhuri Dixit is considered still one of the talked ones even after decades.

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We all know, the couple was madly in love in the 90s, however, sadly, it ended after some time and on a bad note when Sanjay was jailed for 1990 bomb blast case.

But guys do you know what was more sad to see that when Sanjay and Madhuri’s love affair rumors spread across the country in various magazines and news portals, the actor was already married to Richa Sharma. Yes, you heard it right!

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According to Yasser Usman’s book Sanjay Dutt: The Crazy Untold Story of Bollywood’s Bad Boy, the rumours of Sanjay and Madhuri’s affair reached Richa in New York, where she was undergoing treatment for cancer.

An excerpt from the biography read, “She was getting restless and wanted to save her marriage. Her cancer was better and, with her doctor’s permission, she wanted to come back to India. The press lit into Sanjay for forsaking his ailing wife. The aforementioned Star & Style cover story was titled ‘Sunjay-Madhuri – Will Marriage Destroy Them Professionally?’ (February 1993). It said, ‘They (Sunjay-Madhuri) have braved it all. Their own initial personal doubts (Should we get into this?”, their parental opposition (“It’s not the right thing to do.”) and the society’s outrage (“How can they be so selfish and mean?”). The couple in love’s defiant stand (“It’s our lives, we can do what we want”) however, has undoubtedly brought their respective images crashing down in the eyes of their idolising fans.”

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The biography further revealed that when Richa returned back to India after three years with daughter Trishala, Sanjay reportedly started avoiding her.

“He had moved on. In an interview to CineBlitz, Richa’s sister Ena Sharma said that Sanjay didn’t even come to the airport to pick up Richa and Trishala. After spending just fifteen days in Mumbai, she abruptly went back to New York. According to the Sharma family, throughout her fight with cancer, Richa was motivated by the thought of finally getting to live a normal, happy life with Sanjay and their daughter Trishala. But now that she was in remission, her dream seemed futile and unattainable. She was utterly shattered.”

In 1993, Sanjay filed for divorce and there was a lot of bitterness as they were fighting for Trishala’s custody.

However, Sanjay kept denying his affair with Madhuri. “There has to be something on between us for me to marry her.”

Well, only Sanjay and Richa know what’s the actual truth.

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