Why Theaters and Eateries Are Situated On Top Floor In Shopping Malls

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Published by Vijay Singh on 11 May 2018

We all visit shopping malls on a regular basis. Sometimes we visit malls to enjoy with our family and friends, sometimes we visit to buy brand clothes, shoes, some purchase groceries and some go with their kids for enjoyment at the kid’s segment.

But, it is always right to say that the food huts, stores and movie halls set up within the malls witness big crowds.

These both much-preferred sections (theatres as well as food courts) are located on the top floors of malls and people have to make great effort to get there.

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But have you ever wondered that why the movie halls get situated on the top floor? When these most crowded places are the main attraction of malls, why get they not situated on the ground floors.

However, the response to this query is simple but it is factual.

The majority of the people pay a visit to malls to enjoy films and diverse types of food. These hotspots are situated on top, so with the intention that the crowd can also check and enjoy other places and stores as well.

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When they make entry to particular store or place, they may finish up purchasing something as well. So, it’s a kind of trap.

In addition, the movie halls, as well as eateries, require a lot of space that’s why the majority of eating places and movie halls get set up on the top floor.

We are sure that this piece of writing help you gather knowledge on the topic we discussed.

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