With restricted resources, Truebil’s first staff consisted of interns and freshers

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Published by Vijay Singh on 27 Jul 2018

Shubh Bansal, the founding father of Truebil, said that they worked with interns and appointed freshers as they didn’t have sufficient financial support to appoint engineers.

The crucial moment to give up and establish

Shubh, Suraj and Ravi were the staff members of Housing.com in the year 2014, and even with a biz though, they were in a quandary whether to give up or carry on working.

“We didn’t want to do two things at the same time – either work at Housing or do research for our startup,” said Shubh.

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Ultimately, they followed their intuition and made their minds to initiate their entrepreneurial trip.

The study and examination

Shubh said, “The first problem we faced was people were not entertaining us. Clients told us that we are children, and why should they trust us.”

“We decided to go to a C2C marketplace for used cars and give our inspection reports to sellers and buyers. Though we wanted to hire inspection engineers for the job, we ended up hiring a fresher, as we didn’t have sufficient funds. He stayed with us in the same apartment, and we promised to take care of his food and shelter without any salary, and he obliged,” added Shubh.

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The initial biz for the establishment arrived from within the housing society where their apartment building is situated.

During the research stage, the squad made attempts to generate and check the biz model and discover whether there was a real value suggestion.

The squad determined to not only check and certify second-hand cars, however also offered to fulfil the rules and regulations and other things required to sell and purchase used cars.

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Bootstrapping and managing 

“Initially, we used an old domain called ‘GrandFurnish.com,’ and we wanted to develop our backend and platform.”

Shubh recalled, “We didn’t have a team, and that’s when three other co-founders – Rakesh Raman, Ritesh Pandey and Shanu Vivek – joined us, and we started working on the product. Rakesh and Ritesh, with the help of a couple of interns from IIT Bombay, built truebil.com portal. All the co-founders, along with the freshers and interns, stayed and worked in the same apartment in the Powai area of Mumbai, which doubled as our home office. We also hired a call-centre employee to contact our clients.”

Other challenges

Truebil.com turned live on January 2015. However, there was a time when everybody in the squad was experiencing a tricky chapter and was hassled.

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