Badhaai Ho Writer Slams Filmfare Awards For Dropping her Name From Nominations at the last minute

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Filmfare Awards are the most awaited awards of the year and everybody in the industry looks forward to. However, writer Jyoti Kapoor was nominated for the Best Story at Filmfare Awards. A day after getting nominated, her name was abruptly dropped from the list of nominees yesterday. Jyoti Kapoor was one of the three writers of Badhaai Ho along with Akshat Ghildial and Shantanu Shrivastava. Ayushmann Khurrana starre Badhai Ho is being nominated for the Best Original Story. While her name was announced on the list but later in just a few hours removed from the list of writers

Earlier, Jyoti also took to Facebook and wrote a post slamming Filmfare for their unprofessionalism. And in a recent conversation with mid-day, Jyoti stated that she is unable to understand what prompted the organizer to drop her name. Jyoti said, “My name was included in the nominees’ list on Wednesday morning until it magically disappeared. I wrote to [the producers] Priti Shahani [president, Junglee Pictures], and Vineet Jain [MD, Times Group] requesting them to reinstate my name. But clearly, nothing has been done about it.”

On the other hand, Shahani told that Jyoti had worked with Junglee Pictures on the story initially, her contract got terminated in 2016. Shahani stated, “The agreement in the contract mentioned that if we use any part of her story or character, we will give her credit. However, it was never used. We decided to go forward with the story developed by Shantanu and Akshat. They have had the concept since 2012, and had been working independently on the same premise, with [director] Amit [Ravindernath Sharma].”

Kapoor was also asked why her name was included in the film’s official credit roll if her story wasn’t used, she said, “If you see the film, the story-credit has been divided between Shantanu and Akshat. Her name doesn’t appear with my writers’ names. She has been credited separately, in good faith. Badhaai Ho has nothing that was developed by Jyoti. It would be unfair to other writers if she wins laurels for what they essentially created.”

Kapoor says, “I was hired a year before any other writer was brought on board. I am taking legal advice. Junglee Pictures have admitted in the theatrical credits that I am one of the story-writers. They can say whatever they want now, but legally speaking, you can not retrospectively not be the writer, after the film has already released. Nobody in this industry gives credit in good faith. A premise is essentially the foundation of a story. How can they say they never used anything?”

Published by Isha Kataria on 15 Mar 2019

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