Youth Olympics: Boxing in his genes, Jeremy Lalrinnunga bags gold for his country

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Published by Vijay Singh on 11 Oct 2018

During the 1990s, Mizoram’s Lalneihtluanga was a recognized name on the country’s boxing track. A nationwide junior winner, he boasted of a 6-year winning streak at the senior level in the All-India YMCA Boxing Championship.

But, early wedding and joblessness saw him hang up his gloves. As the family grew, so did Lalneihtluanga’s desperation. In due course, the young dad joined the Public Works Department as a Muster Roll laborer. At the moment, he overhauls and limewashes buildings in Aizawl.

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The 43-year-old Lalneihtluanga stated, “My father was a farmer, I took up boxing thinking I will get a job. After I won a silver and gold at the nationals, I was hopeful of getting a job. I also got married and had to support the family. There was no option, I had to apply as a Muster Roll labourer in the PWD. I am a skilled Grade 1 labourer and get Rs 370 daily. He promised us a medal before leaving for Argentina and this gold medal is bigger than all the medals won in my career.”

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“My work includes repairing of PWD buildings apart from limewashing. When Jeremy returns, we will welcome him with a newly whitewashed home. That’s the best we can do for a world champion.”

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Jeremy’s spell with weightlifting commenced when he got initiated in state academy in Aizawl in the year 2011.

The then 8-year-old got trained under instructor Malsawma learning the weightlifting practice with the help of water pipes and bamboo sticks.

“We used to train the kids with 5m long and 20mm wide water pipes and 5m long bamboo sticks so that their basics were strong,” shared Malsawma.

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After 8 months of training, Jeremy was amongst 3 boys chosen for the Army Sports Institute of Pune that also destined that the 9-year-old boy had to leave home.

The youngster got training from Zarzokima at the ASI and hit his first nationwide record when he bagged the gold medal at the sub-junior nationals in Patna in the year 2016.

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